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PV-Series Pocket Scale
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The PV-Series
is for handy weighing on the go!
Carry it in your lab coat or shirt pocket and it is ready when you are!
Available in four ( 4 ) different models. 
Battery operated.  Prices start at $ 99.00.
BrochureClick here for more specifications (pdf brochure).
PV-100 100g x 0.1g  $   99.00
PV-200 200g x 0.1g  $ 150.00
PV-500 500g x 0.1g  $ 199.00
PV-60 60g x 0.01g  $ 265.00
HJ-150 Pocket Scale
Model HJ-150 is a compact pocket scale suitable to carry with you anywhere in your pocket, bag or briefcase.
Reads in lb or oz. Batteries and 100g calibration weight included.
Protective cover can also be used as a weighing pan.
BrochureClick here for more specifications (pdf brochure).
HJ-150 150g x 0.1g / 5.29 x 0.01 oz  $   70.00
PB-500 Pocket Scale
Model PB-500 Pocket Scale weighs in grams, ounces, pennyweights and troy ounces. It also has a simple counting function for counting small items.
Auto-power off mode saves on battery life.
Rugged top plate cover helps to protect weighing platform during transit.
Operates on two ( 2 ) AAA batteries - included.
BrochureClick here for more specifications (pdf brochure).
PB-500 500 x 0.1g  (17.640  x 0.005 oz)  $   99.00
CB-100 Compact Balance
Model CB-100 Compact Balance
Weighs in grams, ounces, grains or carats.
Includes weighing scoop, AC adaptor, batteries and calibration weights.
Choice of two models: standard or high resolution.

BrochureClick here for more specifications (pdf brochure).
CB-100 100g x 0.05g  $   159.00
CBX-100 100g x 0.005g  $   289.00
Pocket-Pro Series
The Pocket-Pro Series have been developed for portability.
These scales are ideal for remote or "on the go" applications. The unique side closure mechanism locks the weighing pan during transport to prevent damage to load sensor and/or backlit display.
Available in a choice of three ( 3 ) models:

BrochureClick here for more specifications (pdf brochure).
PP-201 200g x 0.1g  $   70.00
PP-401 400g x 0.1g  $   90.00
PP-62 65g x 0.01g  $ 205.00
Tanita KP-601 Pocket Scale  
Model KP-601 offers six weighing modes - carat, gram, ounce, troy ounce, penny weight, and grains. Easy-to-read, dual backlit display allows professionals and their customers the ability to view measurements at the same time, from opposite sides of the
counter. The scale also provides a unique counting mode for processing large quantities of 
individual items. Includes adjustable leveling feet, soft jewelry case, gem cup, 100 g calibration weight, USB port. Operates on four AA batteries or AC adaptor (both included).
KP-601 100g x 0.002g  Please call us for pricing information:
Tanita 1475T Pocket Scale
Model 1475T from Tanita features precision engineering and quality. 
Weighs in grams or ounces. Operates on three ( 3 ) LR44 "watch" batteries - included.
Dual Range Accuracy: 
   0 - 500 g x 1.0 g
   500 - 1200g x 2.0 g 
Maximum capacity: 1200g
Price: $ 145.00
Click here for more specifications.
Tanita 1479Z Pocket Scale
Model 1479Z from Tanita features precision engineering and quality workmanship. 
Weighs in grams, ounces, troy ounces and penny weight.
200 g x 0.1 g capacity.
Operates on one ( 1 ) lithium battery (CR2032) - included. 
Price:  $ 175.00
The Model CRD-150 Credit Card Scale.
Tiny yet rugged   . . . accurate too!
Choice of 4 weighing modes: grams, oz, dwt, ozt.
  100g x 0.1g  (or  64.3 x 0.1 dwt)
Includes: Hard plastic top to protect instrument when traveling.
Price: $ 220.00  DISCONTINUED.
$ 75.00 used ( one left )

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