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Algen Rental Program

Algen Scale Company offers a variety of rental programs for all types of scales to meet your budget and the urgency of your application. 
Most rental periods are "by the week" or "by the month." Special day rates or weekend rates are also available.

Shipping is available via UPS or truck throughout the U.S.

We also offer short or long term competitive leasing programs. 

Rental Scales Available (Partial List)


  • Counting Scales
          single platform: 1 lb to 110 lb
          dual platform: 1 lb to 10,000 lb
          high resolution for large quantities of tiny parts: 1 lb to 110 lb
          battery operated or 110V AC electric main.

  • Reel Counters (Component Counters) 
    for counting electronic components on reels
          manual or automatic available

  • Platform Scales
    Portable scales on wheels (digital or mechanical): 
                     choice of capacity:  500 lb, 1000 lb or 2000 lb
          Pallet Scales (Floor Scales)
                     platform sizes: 4 ft x 4 ft  or 4 ft x 6 ft
                     choice of capacity: 1000 lb, 5000 lb or 10,000 lb 

          Wheel Weigher (Axle Load Scale)
                     for weighing trailers, trucks and other large vehicles.

  • Crane Scales
    Capacities from 250 lb to 10,000 lb
          Digital or mechanical

  • Baby Scales
      For accurate monitoring of newborn baby's weight.

Note:  We suggest calling us as far in advance as possible to insure availability of the equipment.  
Call us today for help choosing correct size, capacity, availability and rates.

390-13 Knickerbocker Ave v Bohemia, NY  11716
Toll-Free: 1-800-836-8445
Fax: 631-342-1979

Email: info@algen.com


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