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Weighing and Counting Platform Scale
Features & Benefits

Overload and shock protection mechanism protects against excessive load and shock applied to platform.
Heavy duty rugged construction will withstand harsh industrial operation.
Low profile, space saving design makes loading and unloading your goods a snap.
Built-in rechargeable battery or external power adapter for portability.
Battery operation PSC-2: 150 hours PSC-3 200 hours.
Accumulation function allows you to add together consecutive weights to arrive at a total weight.
Zero tracking assures that you always start weighing at zero.
Automatic power save conserves battery power.
Low battery indicator / charge status indicator alerts you to charge the battery, saving downtime.
Auto-calibration function ensures accuracy.
Adjustable feet and spirit level ensures accurate results even on uneven working surfaces.
Anti-slip feet grips surface and prevents scale from slipping.

Adjustable through 90 wide angle LCD display with backlight can be seen from a wide viewing range and in poor lighting conditions.
Backlight enables use in poor lighting conditions.
Indicator dust cover keeps display and keypad clean from contamination.

The PSC is equipped with the following state of the art counting features :
Auto Piece Weight Enhancement Allows for finer counting.
Accumulation memory for weight and total count gives ability to add together weighings, either by count or weight.
Full numeric keypad for user friendly operation & fast data entry.
Over weighing and counting alarm ensures fast throughput with less mistakes.
Most frequently used sample weights may be stored in scale's memory as PLUs for easy retrieval.
Three windows for simultaneous display of weight, piece count and weight per 1000 pieces.

Available in your choice of six capacities and two platform sizes.  Call Algen Scale today for further assistance with any technical questions:
call: 1-800-836-8445

Model PSC-2-24 PSC-2-60 PSC-3-120 PSC-3-60 PSC-3-120 PSC-3-240
Capacity 60 lb 120 lb 240 lb 120 lb 240 lb 600 lb
Readability 0.005 lb 0.01 lb 0.02 lb 0.01 lb 0.02 lb 0.05 lb
Displayed Divisions 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000
Internal Divisions 200,000
Weighing Unit / Functions lb / counting; checkweighing; checkcounting
Stabilization Time (sec.) < 1.5 seconds
Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
Power Source Built-in rechargeable battery or external power adaptor (included)
Construction Stainless steel platform cover, molded aluminum platform
Display 0.86 inch / 22 mm wide angle viewing LCD
Operating Environment 32 ~ 104 F non condensing R.H. 85%
Optional RS 232 C interface or printer interface output
Platform Size (w x d) 13" x 17.7" / 330 x 450 mm 16.5" x 20.5" / 420 x 520 mm
Dimensions (w x h x d) 13" x 28.3" x 17.7" / 330 x 720 x 450 mm 16.5 x 33.9 x 20.5" / 420 x 860 x 520 mm
Net Weight 25.8 lb / 11.7 kg 42.2 lb / 19.2 kg
Shipping Weight 29.5 lb / 13.4 kg 49.5 lb / 22.5 kg

$ 695.00 (plus S/H)

$ 895.00 (plus S/H)

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