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ate Calculating Scale

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Supports USPS and UPS domestic and international rates and services.
Accommodates new USPS oversized envelope rates.
Auto ZIP to ZONE Conversion.
Manual Weight Entry.
Standard Dual Output for Postage Meters and Shipping Registers.
Easily replaceable Rate Cartridge.
Piece Count Mode for Bulk Mail (not for "Legal for Trade" use)
Black painted metal housing, multi-colored keyboard, stainless steel top plate.
Lighted keys prompt operator and helps prevent human error.
Weighing platform size: 14.5" wide x 8.25" deep.
Also available in 15 and 30 lb capacities.
"Legal for Trade" (Models: MS-15; MS-30; MS-100)
Warranty: One ( 1 ) year parts and labor. 30 days on rate changes.
Additional Specifications (pdf brochure).

Model MS-15
15 lb x 0.05 oz

Price:   $ 1295.00

Model MS-30
30 lb x 0.1 oz
Price:   $ 1395.00

Model MS-100
100 lb x 0.2 oz
Price:   $ 1475.00

Model MS-1600
100 lb x 0.1 oz
Price:   $ 1475.00

Rate Change for either scale above: Part No. RC-MSXX ............$ 225.00

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