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Protect the patient and your personnel !


Digital Chair Scale
Model SCS-440

For non-ambulatory, elderly and dialysis patients.
Large digital display is easy to read.
Simple to use keypad: on/off, lb/kg, zero, re-weigh.
Patient's weight is locked into display when stable.
Form-fitted arm rests and foot rests.
Padded seat and backrest.
Built-in oversized wheels for transport.
Heavy duty construction.

Capacity/Division: 440 lbs / 0.1 lb  or  200 kg / 50g
Display: 6 digits, 1” LCD (“MERAV” 4000 Indicator)         
Power Source:  110/220 V AC Adaptor or 6 "C" batteries.
Stainless steel finish. Sanitary and easy to clean.




Mechanical Chair Scale
Model 475

Die-cast beam, easy to read from both sides.
Lift-away arms and footrest.
Oversized wheels for easy transport.
White, baked enamel finish.
Black, cushioned seat and trim.

Capacity: 350 lb x 4 oz




SR453 Multi-Purpose Platform Scale

SR453L - the SR453 with Oversized Platform  (24" x 36")

SR455 - the SR453 powered by 6 "D" alkaline batteries

SR455L - same as the SR455 with an oversized platform
 (24" x 36")

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Multi-Purpose Chair Scale
Model SR453/455 Platform Scale

SR455 PLATFORM SCALE- is a precision digital scale system specifically designed for use as both a Chair Scale for non-ambulatory patients and as a Stand-On Scale for ambulatory patient applications. Chairs or Walkers may be placed on the platform to accommodate all patient needs. The SR455 Scale System employs the latest in microprocessor and load cell technology to provide accurate and repeatable weight data. Four (4) identically matched transducers are strategically placed to ensure an accurate representation of the patient's weight regardless of weight distribution. The patient's weight is displayed on a 16 character dot matrix LCD.   Patient weight may be viewed in either POUNDS or KILOGRAMS with a displayed resolution of 0.1 Lb. / Kg. (100 grams).

The low power microprocessor circuitry allows the SR455 to derive its power from six (6) "D" cell alkaline batteries providing approximately 20,000 weight readings before replacement. This eliminates the need for an external battery charger and the potential danger of an AC cord

The SR455 is also available in an AC operated version (Model SR453) for patient monitoring applications such as dialysis. The SR453 is temperature compensated for long term weight monitoring and is UL and cUL 544 listed.

AC or DC Power Available


Portable Chair Scale
Model SR730

No assembly required
Rotating arm rests
Auto power shut-down
Lightweight for easy transport
Four ( 4 ) year warranty

Capacity: 400 lb x 0.1 lb





SR801 Weight Module

Max Capacity 600 lb*
Display Type 4 1/2 Digit L.C.D.
Accuracy 0.1% +/- 1 digit of reading over 200g
ZERO 1 Button  Automatic
Case Dimensions 1.75" x 3" x 3"
Warranty TWO YEARS Parts and Labor

The SR801 WEIGHT MODULE is a self contained, portable scale system. In just a few seconds the SR801 can convert your existing Hoyer® or Invacare® type patient lifter into a precision scale system adding new functionality and versatility to an existing device. The SR801 features One Button Auto-Zero for quick and easy operation. Simply press the ZERO button and position the patient into the seat sling. When the patient's motion has stabilized, press the OPERATE button to view the weight data. Weight is displayed in either POUNDS or KILOGRAMS with 0.1% accuracy (+/- 1 digit of reading) and a displayed resolution of 0.1 lb / kg. The Auto Power Down conserves power by shutting off after approximately 1 minute. The SR801 is powered by a single 9 volt lithium battery providing more than 3000 Weight Readings before replacement. The SR801 is also available as a complete system packaged with a 400 lb capacity patient lifter with seat sling. (Model SR801-CS).

There has never been a more convenient and cost effective alternative for weighing non-ambulatory patients.


Catalog No:  SR801-CS       Price  

SR801-CS - Auto Zero Weight Module with patient lifter includes the SR801 weight module and a Hoyer® or Invacare® patient lift with nylon seat sling.

* Actual capacity may be limited by your lifter's rated capacity.


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