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Hospital and Nursing Home Scales
Bed Scales: 

BWS-1204 SR193   SR255  SR801    
Model BWS-1204 Wireless Under Bed Scale

Model BWS-1204 Wireless Bed Scale
Model BWS-1204 Wireless Bed Scale


Warranty One year parts and labor

BWS-1204 Wireless Bed Scale

Providing a dignified, portable means of accurate weight measurement for bed-ridden patients. Ideal for home healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes, long term care. Utilizes four ( 4 ) lightweight pads and one  ( 1 ) handheld weight display/controller for combined bed and patient weights up to 1200 pounds.  Patient weight may be viewed in pounds or kilograms. Sets up and taken down in minutes. Compatible with hospital beds, stretchers or any home bed with leg posts or castors. Wheeled carry case makes transport a breeze. Monitors patient weight up to 100 days. Stores up to 42 patient weights. Data is downloadable to PC or laptop using mini USB cable (cable not included).  Battery operated.


1200 lb (544 kg)
0.5 lb (0.5 kg)
+/- (1 lb + 0.5%)
Power Supply: 
Controller - 3 AAA Lithium Batteries; Pads - 2 EL-123 Batteries in each pad.
Weight of scale:  15 lb

SR Scales

SR193 Under Bed Weighing System


Warranty TWO YEARS Parts
 and Labor

SR193 Under Bed Weighing System

UNDER-BED SCALE SYSTEM - for combined bed and patient weights up to 1200 pounds.  Weight data is displayed on a "User Friendly", easy to read 16 character Dot Matrix LC Display. Patient weight may be viewed in Pounds or Kilograms.

One Button Auto-Zero for quick and easy operation. Weight and Weight Change modes are displayed simultaneously for monitoring patient weight and +/- variations. Hold Function for freezing the displayed weight allowing changes to be made without effecting the displayed patient weight. Programmable Weight Alarm which alerts you if the patient's weight has varied outside of your set parameter. The Weight Alarm has a Nurse Call Output and may also be used as a Bed Exit Alarm. Built-in Wheel Ramps accommodate wheel diameters from 2" to 10" and the Low Profile design eliminates those ankle catching ramps found on more expensive systems. One person can position the bed on to the scale in just minutes. Optional RS232 Output adds the convenience of printer or data output.
Accuracy:  0.1% +/- 1 digit of reading over 200g
Power Supply: 
110 V AC 50-60 Hz UL and cUL 544 Listed
Leakage Current:  <10uA max.
Transducer Size:  Telescoping width from 19" to 37"

SR255 "Daily-Weigh" Scale System

The SR255 is a preferred means of gathering patient weight data of non-ambulatory patients up to 440 POUNDS. The SR255 displays patient weight data on an easy to read, 16 Character Dot Matrix LCD. Patient weight may be viewed in either Pounds or Kilograms. The free pivoting transducer bar assures accurate and repeatable weight readings regardless of lift height or off-center patient position. Powered by 6 common "D" cell alkaline batteries, which will provide approximately 20,000 weight readings . The Auto Power Down feature conserves battery life by shutting off after approximately 15 seconds. ALL potentially dangerous AC voltage is kept where it belongs... AWAY FROM THE PATIENT !

NO MORE Re-charging!     NO MORE Power Cords!
NO MORE Problems!

The SR255 is also available as an upgrade kit to retrofit your current patient lifter, adding new function and versatility to an existing piece of equipment.

Disposable Stretcher Covers for the SR255 "Daily Weigh" Scale:
200 per roll                                    
50 per roll                                       
Stretcher Bars for the SR255 Daily-Weigh Scale:
Adult -  6 ft   (1.82 meters)               
Pediatric - 5 ft  (1.52 meters)
Stretchers constructed with Staph-Check\AE material
for the SR255:

Adult  - 32" x 72" (81 x 182 cm)  
Pediatric  - 32" x 60"  (81 x 152 cm)  

SR255 "Daily-Weigh" Scale System


Patient and Personnel Protection.  Risk management, always a chief priority.

SR801 Weight Module

Max Capacity 600 lb*
Display Type  LCD
Accuracy 0.1% +/- 1 digit of reading over 200g
ZERO 1 Button Auto
Case Dimensions 1.75" x 3" x 3"
Warranty TWO YEARS Parts and Labor

* Actual capacity may be limited by your lifter's rated capacity.


The SR801 WEIGHT MODULE is a self contained, portable scale system. In just a few seconds the SR801 can convert your existing Hoyer\AE or Invacare\AE type patient lifter into a precision scale system adding new functionality and versatility to an existing device. The SR801 features One Button Auto-Zero for quick and easy operation. Simply press the ZERO button and position the patient into the seat sling. When the patient's motion has stabilized, press the OPERATE button to view the weight data. Weight is displayed in either POUNDS or KILOGRAMS with 0.1% accuracy (+/- 1 digit of reading) and a displayed resolution of 0.1 lb / kg. The Auto Power Down conserves power by shutting off after approximately 1 minute. The SR801 is powered by a single 9 volt lithium battery providing more than 3000 Weight Readings before replacement. The SR801 is also available as a complete system packaged with a 400 lb capacity patient lifter with seat sling. (Model SR801-CS).

Model  SR801         Price          

SR801-CS - Auto Zero Weight Module with patient lifter includes the SR801 weight module and a Hoyer\AE or Invacare\AE patient lift with nylon seat sling.

Model SR801-CS       Price

There has never been a more convenient and cost effective alternative for weighing non-ambulatory patients.


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