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TM-295 Ticket Printer

  • TM-295 Ticket Printer (115/230 VAC)
  • TM-295 Ticket Printer (115/230 VAC)
    w/RS-232, 25 DB to blunt end cable
  • TM-295 Ticket Printer, 24 VDC


TM-295 Sample Print


(NOT actual size)






  • Truck scales
  • Material handling
  • Inventory control
  • Retail and light-industrial use

Standard Features

  • High-speed 1.9 to 2.3 lines-per-second printing
  • Single copy or up to five-part multicopy ticket printing
  • Impact-resistant plastic enclosure
  • Functions in slave capacity, printing information sent via RS-232



  • Power supply (115/230 VAC - 24 VDC)
  • Ink cartridge, purple
  • Ink cartridge, black
  • Scale veil (protective dust cover)
  • Additional operating manual


  • 25-pin RS-232 serial interface cable
    Interfaces to: IQ5000 and UMC2000 with simplex RS-232 or 6-pack multiple serial expansion board
  • 37-pin RS-232 serial interface cable
  • Blunt end RS-232 cable
    Interfaces to: UMC444, UMC555, IQ600HB, IQ plus 800/810, IQ plus 310ACustom RS-232 serial interface cable

Custom cables are designed to interface with your specific equipment. Please specify equipment model number and connector type.


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