MODEL 7050
50 lb Bulk Mail Scale

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Process Bulk Mail Quicker and More Accurately with the Model 7050 Bulk Mail Scale

The 7050 uses Quartzell® Digital Transducer Technology, producing the highest speed and resolution in the industry for USPS bulk mail users.

The 7050 high-resolution bulk sampling scale with dot matrix alphanumeric display and tactile keyboard presents the operator with fast, accurate, easy-to-read information all at one time. Provides single piece weight and verifies pieces per pound as required on USPS bulk mail forms. The ability to sample and count from bulk lots increases productivity through piece counting of filled mail trays.

Piece Weight Computation
Automatically calculates the weight per piece to 6 decimal places in lb/pc, oz/pc, kg/pc.
Pieces Per Unit Weight Computation
Automatically calculates the number of pieces per unit weight to 999999.9 pc/lb, pc/kg.
Automatically counts pieces on the weight platform or on a remote scale, or compute count based on manual weight entry. Counting can be accomplished by sampling or manual entry of piece weight.
Last Transaction Memory
Stores data from previous transaction for instant recall and review.
Control Keys
0-9 keypad plus decimal, ENTER, CLEAR, TARE, ZERO, ESCAPE.
Soft Function Keys
Manual Data Entry
Allows keypad manual entry of weight, tare, piece weight, pieces per unit weight, and I.D. number.
Single Unit Weighing
Can weigh individual pieces by 0.001 lb, 0.01 oz, or 0.0005 kg.
Selectable Units of Measure
lbs, oz, kg, lb/oz
Remote Scale Input
Electronically interfaces, via RS-485 port, to high-capacity Quartzell® high resolution base for dual scale functionality.
Pressing 'Print' key sends all measured, computed, and entered data, including I.D. number to label printer.
By programmable preset or key entry up to 999.
U.S. Postal Service Approved -
Specially designed for and used by the U.S. Postal Service and many mail houses nationwide.
Weighing Accuracy - 
This equipment is manufactured in accordance with the recommendations set forth by Handbook #44, issued by the United States Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Approved for U.S. Postal use.
Additional Specifications:

Capacity x Resolution


Pounds: 0-50 lb x 0.001 lb.
Pounds-Ounces: 0-50 lb x 0.01 oz
Kilograms: 0-25 kg x 0.0005 kg

Platform Dimensions:   13.5” x 12”
Power:   117 VAC (+10%, -15%) / 60Hz
Operating Environment:   14°F to 104°F, 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Construction:   Die cast aluminum enclosure and load bridge ensures long life.
Display: Dot Matrix Backlit LC Display of data is in alphanumeric format. Contrast is adjustable.
Serial I/O Ports:   RS-232 for printer or computer communication.
Warranty:   One (1) year parts and labor.
Price:   $ 1,495.00 (shipping/handling may be add'l.)
  • Remote Heavy Capacity Platform Base
  • Label Printer

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