Take the Algen Scale Challenge !
(see answers at bottom of page)

1. What is the weight of a dollar bill in grams?

2. What is the average piece weight (apw) of a standard paper clip?

3. How many grams are in a pound ?

4. What is your weight in kilograms?

5. What must a Legal-For-Trade scale have on its nameplate ?
    a. UL       b. 110V AC      c. Class III        d. Made in USA

6. If you have a half pound of quarters, how much money do you have?

7. Name one industry Algen Scale sells scales to:

8. Name two ( 2 ) types of scales Algen Scale sells and services :

9. Algen Scale uses certified weights traceable to what?

10. Algen Scale has been serving the New York/Metropolitan Area and Nationwide since when?

Answers: 1) 1 gram   2) 0.4 grams
 3)   453.59 grams = 1 pound   4)   1 lb = 0.454 kg   5 c. Class III    6)   $ 10.00   7)  Airlines, Trucking, Printers, Recycling, Nursing Homes, Health Clubs, Bakeries, Distributors, and more.  8)  Counting Scales, Price Computing Scales, Conveyor Scales, Floor Scales, Checkweighing, Baby Scales, Wheelchair Scales, Deli Scales, UPS Scales, Postal Scales and more.   9)  National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  10) 1984

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